Truth Dox

The Asbestos grave: Chronicle of a desaster foretold

Le Tombeau de l'Amiante: chronique d'un désastre annoncé

2021 — 90' / Color, Black & White



With the archives of eleven broadcasts made for RTBF from 1977 to 2003, a crucial period in the use of asbestos in Belgium emerges. All the risks were known to the industrialists, but the workers will gradually discover them through illness and death. These are the years before the ban on asbestos, years cynically won by the industry, thanks to its propaganda, its denial and its lies, to maintain its profits.

Director Biography

Nina Toussaint is a filmmaker from Cologne who graduated from INSAS. She has directed several documentary films: The Twins, about the reunion and heartbreak between two twin brothers, war orphans, in divided and then reunified Germany. Le crime quotidien, the story of Zoé Milher, founder of SOS Inceste Belgium, on her journey as a raped and bruised child. Marie-Anne Mengeot is a journalist. She worked at RTBF from 1973 to 2003 for prime time news programs, including: Situation (socio-economic magazine), À suivre (investigations and reports), Si vous saviez and Autant Savoir (consumption, environment, health): more than 200 programs on health, environment, work and consumption issues. Author of 11 programs with different directors on the asbestos issue from 1977 to 2003.

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Marie-Anne Mengeot

Nina Toussaint


Isabelle Truc


Guillaume Nolevaux

Juliette Kergoat


Pierre Dozin


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