24 July, 2023

DokuFest is delighted to partner with ‘Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains' (Le Fresnoy - national studio of contemporary art)  in presenting a glimpse of the work of its students in the form of two film programs, curated by François Bonenfant, who will be at the festival to personally introduce the films and to talk about the collaboration between Le Fresnoy and DokuFest. A new award, granting easier access to this famous school to post graduate students of film and arts from Kosovo will also be introduced during the festival, marking a first step in collaboration between Le Fresnoy and DokuFest and with the support of the Embassy of France in Kosovo.  

Le Fresnoy opened in 1997 and is based in a building renovated by the French-American architect Bernard Tschumi. Throughout the year the public is able to discover important exhibitions of contemporary art, films, concerts, performances, lectures. Le Fresnoy also puts on its own programmes and exhibitions during its annual Panorama event, whereas works by its students are shown regularly at numerous biennials and festivals around the world.  

Le Fresnoy is also a center of advanced artistic, audio-visual and multi-media training for post-graduate students. The main aim is to enable young artists to make works with professional technical equipment, under the guidance of recognized artists, in a multi-disciplinary spirit.  
You can see the full list of films here: EYES WIDE OPEN: A sample of Le Fresnoy's films Programme