09 July, 2024

Each year, DokuFest presents a theme that focuses on the pressing issues and concerns that society is facing.

What we see now is a world in rapid transition. All over the planet, the rich are getting richer while the poor are overtaken by debt and disaster. With the wars in Gaza and Ukraine bringing global divisions to new heights, a new geopolitical reconfiguration—including a shift to a new world order—may well be in the works. Yet more forces and trends – including Russia’s increasingly militarized economy, China’s stalling growth, and the growing economic weight of the Global South – are making fundamental changes to the international order more likely.

It may as well be that we are living through the disintegration of an order. A sort of New Order in the coming.

With all of this in mind, we have decided to bring forward the theme of NEW ORDER. To highlight it through the discussions at the festival, to delve into a number of films that touch upon it, to find a connection from the past through a selection of films from 1974 or to understand if we’re already doomed or a glimpse of hope is still there through the films about the environment.

Thus, we are once again excited and hopeful to find ways of bringing our audience into the conversation in, what appears to be, a decisive moment of, not only of this generation.

A visual identity of the theme that will accompany the campaign is being developed with a vibrant design studio Rrethi from Prishtina.