10 August, 2023

In a landmark event for Kosovo's burgeoning film industry, DokuFest is set to present the world premiere of the first two films supported through "Support to the New Wave of Kosovo Filmmakers." This prestigious initiative, financed through the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo, aims to cultivate emerging talent in the film industry.

The first two film projects supported through this grant are ‘Sisters’ by Albana Nila and ‘Transmission’ by Flutura Balaj. Both filmmakers have expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity, with Balaj stating: “Being a part of Kosova's new wave of filmmakers is much more than a personal achievement, it gives a sense of belonging to a community that gives drive to this revolutionary era in which creativity and artistic ambition is blooming. Winning this grant allowed me to participate in something bigger than my film, and I highly encourage every young aspiring artist to explore the idea of engaging with such opportunities.”

The Swedish Embassy's support was instrumental in establishing this grant. Their representative declared that “Sweden believes in the untapped potential of Kosovo’s storytellers, directors, and producers. They fuel creativity, foster fresh ideas, and create boundless opportunities in the world of cinema. We are committed to supporting their endeavours, knowing their contributions can enrich the global film industry.”

Albana Nila, the first recipient of the grant, shared her excitement and gratitude: “Being a part of the grant scheme for the Support To The New Wave of Kosovo Filmmakers has been an absolute dream come true that has filled my heart with boundless gratitude. The best is yet to come, and I am excited to see where this beautiful journey will take me next.”

The films will be screened on the occasion of the Swedish Day at DokuFest, on Thursday at Kino Lumi, commencing at 20:30.

Eroll Bilibani, the Head of DokuLab, explained that this grant scheme was created to create opportunities for filmmakers under the age of 30. He underlined that “at the heart of this vibrant program lies a passionate commitment to nurturing the local talent, the young dream-weavers, the visionary directors, and the innovative producers. And the best is yet to come - out of a kaleidoscope of six film projects, we will handpick two cinematic gems that will be bestowed with not only financial support but also equipment and mentorship from industry maestros.”

The winners of this exciting initiative will be announced during the closing ceremony, marking another milestone in Kosovo's thriving film community. The collaboration between DokuFest, the Swedish Embassy, and the talented filmmakers of Kosovo promises to be a beacon of creativity and innovation in the region, and indeed, the best is yet to come.