19 June, 2024

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and DokuFest are pleased to announce the continuation of their longstanding partnership through a new grant agreement for the Creative Force program. This collaboration, will provide significant support to creative and cultural initiatives in Kosovo over the next five years, and will aim to elevate the cultural and educational landscape in Kosovo through cinema and creative arts.

The 'Creative Force' initiative is designed to enhance DokuFest's core activities across three main pillars:

1) Elevating the Festival Experience: Transforming Prizren into a global cinematic hub, DokuFest will enhance its festival program to foster international collaborations, cultural exchanges, and advocate for sustainability and diversity.

2) Empowering Through DokuLab: DokuLab will continue to empower young filmmakers and integrate documentary filmmaking into education. This includes comprehensive film education, grants for emerging filmmakers, and partnerships with educational institutions.

3) Promoting Gender Equality: DokuFest remains committed to promoting human rights and gender equality in cinema. By amplifying women's voices and prioritizing films focused on women's stories, the festival challenges societal norms and fosters inclusivity.

By utilizing the festival's platform to engage with critical societal issues such as democracy, human rights, and climate change, DokuFest fosters a culture of inclusivity and dialogue within the community, including initiatives like Social Cinema to engage senior citizens. Additionally, the festival will strengthen its strategic international partnerships with film bodies and festivals to support local talent, facilitate cultural exchange, and promote Kosovo's film industry on a global stage.

This program is a continuation of initial three-year support by the Swedish Embassy and SIDA, that aimed structural development of the capacities of the organization to gradually configure the scope of its strategic program with a clear Mission and Vision for the future, to be reflected in a comprehensive 5-year organizational strategy.

The 'Creative Force' initiative Grant will support DokuFest to obtaining any additional resources required to implement its 2024 - 2028 Strategic Plan during the activity period.