10 July, 2024

In line with our longstanding exploration of what cinema is, its history and its representation, we are thrilled to bring to the festival three exceptional feature length documentaries that somehow share this same obsession as us.

In Ehsan Khoshbakht’s Celluloid Underground we meet Ahmad Jorghanian, a film collector, a sort of Iranian Henri Langlois, whose collection of more than 5000 prints and numerous posters are stacked on top of each other in basements and flats across Tehran. In Iran, that was banning them as a Western decadence. And to help save them we meet young Ehsan working tirelessly alongside Ahmad. An ode to cinephilia and to a friendship based on it that we rarely see on the screen.

Another film, another story of countless films saved from oblivion, this time in Peter Flynn’s loving tribute to the film collectors in the film titled Film is Dead. Long Live the Film!

Rounding up this small selection is Matevž Jerman’s and Jurij Meden’s joint efforts in bringing to light a treasure trove of Slovenian avant-garde and experimental cinema

See the full list of films here