25 July, 2023

We are happy to announce this year’s DokuTalks, a vibrant platform for film professionals, activists, and scholars as a space to share experiences, knowledge, and insights. Co-curated by Eroll Bilibani and Dea Gjinovci, DokuTalks fosters enriching interactions in the tranquil setting of the Shani Efendi Gallery, adjoining Cinema Lumbardhi.

This year we will continue the exploration of cinema's narrative potential as a catalyst for political change, specifically addressing the pervasive issue of missing persons. We delve into the compelling narratives that combat political inertia and the pressing need to locate and identify the disappeared.

We then navigate to the powerful role of women in shaping film narratives and societal perceptions. Our panel, representing a wide range of female subjectivities, discusses the liberating portrayals created by the female gaze.

Our exploration continues with the transformative impact of technology on storytelling. We examine how digital self-representation has revolutionized the way we tell stories about ourselves, and the ethical considerations involved in this process.

For short filmmakers, we challenge the perception of short films as mere stepping stones and inspire a new perspective on its potential as a career. We aim to expand horizons and enlighten on new possibilities in the short film industry.

In an intimate talk with festival programmers, we invite filmmakers to gain a deeper understanding of the art of curating films for festival programming. Our panelists share insights on the selection process and offer advice on how to make films stand out in a sea of submissions.

The digital age has not only provided filmmakers with new tools and platforms, but it has also changed the way we consume and interact with media. One of our panels will explore the evolving landscape of filmmaking, where traditional boundaries are being pushed, and new forms of storytelling are emerging. We discuss how artists are broadening the spectrum of storytelling devices to reach younger and marginalized audiences, leading to the regain of political consciousness.

The full list of DokuTalks can be accessed here: List of DokuTalks 2023