03 August, 2023

Doku-booth is an annual traditional booth conceptually aligned with the theme of the festival. Each year, these booths have provided a platform for people to come together, infuse their unique touch into the theme, and leave a lasting impact. The most recent booth created by Leart Rama, called "Touch me Booth," was inspired by the need for physical connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inside, people could create music through touch, requiring at least two individuals for it to function.

This year, a groundbreaking A.I. Booth, created again by Leart and masterfully designed by Jeta Veseli, will be featured. The A.I. Booth will require the presence of both one human and one artificial intelligence. Visitors will be able to enter the booth daily and generate images based on a given topic or sentence. These generated images will be showcased on a large billboard adjacent to the booth. This marks an important moment where humanity embraces the presence of Alternative Intelligence and maximizes its potential usage.