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As I Was Looking Above, I Could See Myself Underneath

Kah kqyrsha përpjetë, e shihsha veten përfuni

2022 — 61' / Color



Home is a feeling, they say, but where is home, when you are not allowed to feel at home even within your own body and mind?
As I Was Looking Above, I Could See Myself Underneath unveils intimate stories of LGBTQ persons from Kosovo, going through their unceasing search for a safe place that allows them to be.

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Director Biography

Ilir Hasanaj is a film director from Kosova - grown up in Switzerland. Before graduating in Film at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) he worked several years as a computer scientist. His documentary film „me dasht‘ me dasht‘ me dasht‘“ had a successful run at international festivals between 2017 - 2020, including Toronto Hot Docs Film Festival, Solothurn Film Festival and Dokufest, where it won the audience award. Ilir lives in Pristina, Kosovo and works on films with social importance. He also is a film programmer in the alternative cinema Kino ARMATA in Prishtina.

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Ilir Hasanaj


Aurela Kadriu

Dardan Hoti


Ilir Hasanaj

Leart Rama


Enis Saraçi


Tomor Kuçi


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