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Face to face

Oči u oči

2021 — 14' / Color



Near the building where the author lives, a thirteen-year-old Dušan Jovanović was in 1997 beaten to death. Shocked by the fact that the killers, just like herself now, were 17 years old, the author decides to realise what really happened by filming a documentary, but also to remind the general public of this event hoping that something like that will never happen again.

Director Biography

Jelena Zrnić (17) is a second grade student at the Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium. She finished elementary music school for two instruments. Engaged in acting for over 8 years, she entered the world of film. She is open to new knowledge, with broad views on the events around her and everything that happens in the world.

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Jelena Zrnić


Slobodna Zona Junior Fond B92


Free Zone
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