2021 — 17' / Color



Jimmy is an orphan, he lives alone in a rented house in the suburbs of Tirana for several years he has been working as a cemetery keeper, a gravedigger. As a result of a bureaucratic and corrupt system, an elementary school was built over the cemetery. At this school, Jimmy also has known Egla, one of the teachers. It was love at first sight. Jimmy felt something that day that was moving inside him and would not let him work or rest. Jimmy’s great passion is dance and disco. He likes classic discotheque hits. It seems like this keeps him alive and gives him the motivation to keep going. Jimmy lives in a beautiful routine between a world of colors and music dreams and the cemetery where he works. The routine of this quiet life that Jim has created in a very absurd setting ends the day when his boss at the cemetery orders him to demolish an old tomb to open the place to a new buyer.

Director Biography

Benart Laze, graduated in Theatre (directing) at the Academy of Arts in Tirana in 2010. Since a student, from 2009 I’m working as a freelance Filmmaker in most of the Albanian and international movie / tv /commercials productions shooting in Albania.

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Benart Laze


Dritan Huqi


Shpëtim Baça


Benart Laze


Endri Pine


on film production
Sami Frasheri, Pall Agimi,shk 19,ap 336,
Tirana, Albania
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