International Shorts

See You Garbage!

Au plaisir les ordures!

2021 — 17' / Color



For Christmas, three garbage collectors, Élie, Nino and Belz, are surprised to be received for dinner at the house of the Prime Minister and the First Lady. They go there, enthusiastic and candid, without suspecting that on the menu, they have a painful series of disappointments and manipulations in store for them. See You Garbage! is a dramatic comedy that resembles a revolutionary tale, which attempts to explore the encounter between the well-coated contempt of the political class and a sudden awareness of its people

Director Biography

Romain Dumont first made his way with documentary works, short films as well as columns in the magazines Séquences and 24Images. In 2019, he wrote the web-series La loi c'est la loi with Émile Schneider and Hugolin Chevrette, and embarked on directing with When She Falls, a short film with his childhood idol: Dino Tavarone. He did it again a year later, with Au plaisir les ordures, starring Caroline Dhavernas, Guillaume Laurin and Hamza Meziani. In addition to being in pre-production for two short films, he is currently writing two feature film projects.

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Romain Dumont


Isabelle Grignon-Francke

Patrick Francke-Sirois


Antoine Ryan


Anouk Deschênes

Guillaume Marin


Casey Brown


Justine Baillargeon
Montréal, Québec
[email protected]