International Short Dox

I Am Trying to Remember

Man saei mikonam faramoush nakonam

Iran, Czech Republic
2021 — 16' / Color, Black & White



Pegah talks about Gholam, a man who’s not like her father, mother, uncles, or aunts, even though he’s always present at family gatherings. Gholam films these everyday scenes with his own camera. At the time, Pegah can’t imagine what the purpose of these films might be, but she’s happy to pose before the lens of this family friend, who she’s certainly very fond of.

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Director Biography

Pegah Ahangarani (born 1984) is an Iranian actress, a film director and a musician. She has made 9 documentaries and acted in more than 40 feature films. Her movies have been shown in many festivals, including Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival, Venice Film Festiva etc. She has received many prizes in different festivals : The Best Actress in Cairo FF, Best Actress in Locarno Film Festival, Best Director in Cinema Verité IFF, Best Director in Isfahan IFF and more.

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Pegah Ahangarani


Kaveh Farnam


Pegah Ahangarani


Farahnaz Sharifi


Atena Mostaan Eshtiaghi


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