Interactive Schedule

Lumbardhi Indoor

A bird in a forest is looking for some happiness.


A man in a circular room explores a curious phenomenon, in which 8 synchronised versions of himself temporarily form to create a rotationally symmetric, kaleidoscopic world.

One Man, Eight Cameras

A tadpole fails to develop into a frog and is left behind by the others. But there's so much to experience in his small pond and the next spring is just around the corner.


A boy finds a shell in the sand. In his hands, the shell magically turns the quiet beach and its surrounding urban landscape into an infinite, colourful and vibrant playground.

A Shell

Three and four years olds in a day care center give a filmmaker sour bonbons- they are incredibly sour, almost painful. A very amusing experiment for those who don't have to take part.

Sour Death Balls

At a time where there were no alarm-clocks, an old men worked as an awaker. Every day he walked the long way from his house to the village until he gets an old shiny bell.


Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But the place is not as expected. Not even the spot on the towel is as safe as he thought …

Cat Lake City

A shy boy at a middle-school dance tackles the new concepts of identity, sexuality and love.

Slow Dance
Shtëpia e Kulturës

Sham is hanging out with a group of hip Malmö girls, but she has a secret she keeps from his girlfriend Stella. She doesn’t have a residence permit and has another girlfriend who’s still there in Palestine.

My World in Yours

A film about (local) patriotism, tourism and emigration. The girl lives in a gray, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamt of leaving forever for a perfect world called “Abroad”.


The new refugee home for children is being discussed at a public council meeting. Two people standing on opposite sides try to get heard. Who Talks raises questions about whose opinions actually matter and what creates polarization.

Who Talks

After spending the day shooting guns and relaxing at the lake with several white supremacist friends, Jeffrey and Christa head home with their young son Troy. Stopping at a grocery store, Jeffrey is irate when Jaydee, an African-American man, is friendly to Troy, and Jaydee's innocent act results in bloodshed.

Lumbardhi Indoor

An old man lives in a small village in the north of Montenegro. He is troubled by the story of his father, which he heard when he was a boy. At the end of WWII, an Italian officer was captured by the partisans, and soon after shot and buried close to the old man’s house. There is no tomb or trace; no real proof that the story is true. However, he is afraid of digging to see if any bones lie underneath. He turns to the remaining villagers in order to find out the truth. There are two men older than him, but their stories don’t always match and are not easy to comprehend.

We Are the Sons of Your Rocks

Serbian-Australian writer Wongar lives a secluded life in the suburbs of Melbourne taking care of his 6 dingoes. His latest novel is about to be published but at the same time his long time companion, dingo Timmy, has fallen sick. The vets suggest to Wongar that the dog should be put to sleep but he strongly resists. He believes that he can look for help for Timmy elsewhere: he dives deep in to his own memory in attempt to summon the sprits of the Aboriginal ancestry.

GjirafaVideo VR Cinema

Featuring Cirque du Soleil’s world famous “O” at Bellagio, Dreams of “O” captures a surreal and amphibious tableau of whimsical characters unlike any other. For this collaboration between Samsung Gear VR, Félix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil, a high- speed under-water VR camera was built from scratch by the film studio, to be able to capture the complex and intricate water choreographies featured in this experience -it’s the first camera of its kind within the virtual reality medium. Brace yourself for an ethereal and fantastical visual journey that takes you up in the air with daring dives, and under water for stunning aquatic sequences.

Dreams of 'O'

A mysterious tree watches over a forest while humans traverse its paths, planning construction zones and searching for a lost person. As civilization slowly unravels, quiet new dynamics emerge. Floodplain is set against a man-made environmental crisis and explores our relationships to each other at the end of nature. If we can no longer be what we were, can we really become something new? Can we be a forest, or a stone; can we be a multitude of organisms; can we be nothing? Can we be something that we don’t know we can be yet?


A person wants to tell a story about someone being trapped inside a shoebox. And the very next moment he becomes a protagonist in his never-told story. Even worse, he is threatened by his average self who comes to claim his life. With Heroes of Night and Tragic, Croatian experimental theater group Ateatar proves you don’t need a 360 camera to shoot a 360 video, and paves the way for unlimited VR creativity.

Heroes Of Night and Tragic

Kinoscope is a VR experience immersing the spectator into a lively and colorful universe to discover the history of cinema lead by the voice of the Hollywood legend Dean Tavoularis, motion picture production designer whose work appeared in numerous box office hits such as The Godfather films, Apocalypse Now, The Brink’s Job, One from the Heart and Bonnie and Clyde.


Overview is a 30 minutes narrative experience on the objects of the cosmos, from the planets in our Solar System to the galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Created by Orbital Views and film director Paul Mezier with a team of scientists using data from NASA and the European Space Agency, Overview is an accurate and poetic adventure for all ages. How big is our galaxy? How far are we from the Sun? What does it feel like to be inside a nebula? You can now find, from your own perception, the answers to these questions. Much more than a documentary, Overview is an immersive real-time simulation tested with astronauts. It is the journey to the stars we have all dreamed of.


Marshal Antonescu, Leader of Romania in the WW II, was sentenced to death for war crimes in 1946. The execution was recorded on film. In 1994, filmmaker Segiu Nicolaescu releases The Mirror, a biopic that tries to clear the Marshal’s name. Nicolaescu staged the execution for his feature film. Our short film compares the two executions.

The Marshal’s Two Executions

Belonging makes a topographic observation by following the locations of a criminal case 15 years after the incident, accompanied by statements given by the suspects. Then, it shows the night that the murderer couple met.

Kino Kalaja

Through a collaboration with Berlin’s Kino Wolf, we present a film-music performance based on Chantal Akerman’s D’Est, a film that defies any categorization. Lebanese experimental electronic musician Rabih Beaini will be creating a musical production investigating the film as well as a collaboration with our own Agona Shporta, for this very special live experience set in our medieval fortress.

Wolf Kino Berlin Presents: Rabih Beaini & Agona Shporta VS D'Est

FROM THE EAST retraces a journey from the end of summer to deepest winter, from East Germany, across Poland and the Baltics, to Moscow. It is a voyage Chantal Akerman wanted to make shortly after the collapse of the Soviet bloc "before it was too late," reconstructing her impressions in the manner of a documentary on the border of fiction. DokuFest is happy to announce a collaboration with Berlin’s Kino Wolf, bringing to Kosovo a film-music-performance based on Chantal Akerman's D'Est, a film that defies any categorization. Lebanese electronic musician Rabih Beaini will investigate his specific approach to the film and work on a musical-performative concept along with our own Agona Shporta, for this very special live experience on August 08 at the Castle. The event is co-curated with Luca Borkowsky, artistic co-director of Howling Wolf: Festival for Film-Music-Performance, currently running till end of July at Wolf Kino in Berlin.

From The East
Solar Cinema

A film about (local) patriotism, tourism and emigration. The girl lives in a gray, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamt of leaving forever for a perfect world called “Abroad”.


Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is an objective of great import for the Romanian government. This forces two young men to lead a hard negotiation, both for the fate of the settlement and for their own future.

The Afghanistans

A young girl's life is shown through a cell phone in three different times of her life: past, present and future. After a period of depression, her life changes and she deletes her past filmed with her cell phone.


'Story' is a reflection about modern man in the age of omnipresent technology. Looking through stories - a popular function in many social media platforms - we see people who are lonely, lost or already indifferent about reality surrounding them. Action takes place during one day and it's told by short, often (auto)ironic scenes, where virtual world sinks to reality

DokuKino Plato

A middle-aged woman and her son visit her late husband’s grave - situated in a former fishing village she hasn’t been to in decades. In the cemetery on the sandy dunes, they wander around for a long time without finding the headstone. Has her memory eroded, or has the grave been concealed somewhere underneath the green grass of the new golf courses? It’s true, for the nouveau riche, land for the living to play on is better than land for the dead to rest at.

Blessed Land

Where people meet, brave ones discover that with enough trust pupil become door knobs and in doing so worlds open where horizons dissolve into nothing - the movie tells eight short stories about friendship.

Laugh Lines

In order to avoid being bullied from two hooligans, Xiao Bin, a 13 years old son of immigrant, attempts to join a teenager street gang.

The story of Bin

Mohamed is a hardened shepherd living in rural Tunisia with his wife and two sons. Mohamed is deeply shaken when his oldest son Malik returns home after a long journey with a mysterious new wife. Tension between father and son rises over three days until reaching a breaking point.