With live music accompaniment by RadioMentale

United States, 1982, 80 min, Colour

The first part in Godfrey Reggio’s The Qatsi Trilogy, KOYANNISQATSI is a renowned documentary that reveals how humanity has grown apart from nature. Drawing its title from the Hopi word meaning “life out of balance,” it features extensive footage of natural landscapes and elemental forces, with a gradual evolution to scenes of modern civilization and technology. The film’s lack of narration or dialogue allows its purpose to be realized through creative uses of imagery and an inventive musical score.



Godfrey Reggio


Godfrey Reggio


Ron Fricke


Alton Walpole Ron Fricke


Philip Glass


Godfrey Reggio is an inventor of a film style which creates poetic images of extraordinary emotional impact for audiences worldwide. Reggio is prominent in the film world for his QATSI trilogy, essays of visual images and sound which chronicle the destructive impact of the modern world on the environment. Born in New Orleans in 1940 and raised in Louisiana, Reggio spent 14 years in a Roman Catholic religious order of men (the Christian Brothers) —living in community, dedicated to prayer, study, and teaching. Based in New Mexico during the 1960’s, Reggio taught school, lectured, and co-founded Young Citizens for Action, a community organization project of juvenile street gangs. Following this, Reggio co-founded La Clinica de la Gente, a Santa Fe community medical clinic, and La Gente, a community organizing project in the barrios of Santa Fe.


United States, 1983, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, Winner KCFCC Award

Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, United States 1983 - Winner KCFCC Award

Brazil, 1984, São Paulo IFF , Audience Award

São Paulo IFF , Brazil 1984 - Audience Award

Poland, 1988, Warsaw IFF, Audience Award

Warsaw IFF, Poland 1988 - Audience Award

United States, 1983, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, Winner LAFCA Award

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, United States 1983 - Winner LAFCA Award


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