Now, At Last!

United Kingdom, 2018, 39 min, Colour and B&W

Ben Rivers's glorious 35mm film about a sloth in action is a surprisingly funny and strange work, which makes time fly.



Ben Rivers


Bianca Volpi


Ben Rivers


Ben Rivers


English media artist and director Ben Rivers has a special bond with Jeonju IFF ? 11 of his works were screened. Since his short films were first screened in 2007, masterpieces from Origin Of The Species (2008) to The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers (2015) were introduced in Jeonju. Crossing between documentary, fiction and essay films, he documents how isolated and forgotten places and species evolve through a natural history-based approach. In his recent works, the scenes of disconnected people become the origin of a narrative about an imagined alternative community. Rivers’ works display the media aesthetics of “cinema” through the usage of a near-antique camera and handworked 16mm film. At this year’s festival, he presents his recent films Trees Down Here, Ghost Strata and Now, At Last!.


Denmark, 2019, CPH:DOX,

CPH:DOX, Denmark 2019 -

South Korea, 2019, Jeonju IFF,

Jeonju IFF, South Korea 2019 -

Serbia, 2019, BelDocs,

BelDocs, Serbia 2019 -