Seven Years in May

Sete anos em Maio

Argentina/Brazil, 2019, 42 min, Colour

One night seven years ago, Rafael came home after work and discovered that people he did not know had come looking for him. He immediately fled, without looking back. From that moment on, his life changed, as if that night had never ended. One evening, around an improvised fire near a factory, he decides to confide his journey to a stranger who had a similar experience, also marked by violence, addictions and misery. Rafael’s intimate account meets the collective testimony of an entire nation oppressed by poverty, police repression and institutional corruption.



Affonso Uchoa


Camila Bahia,Vasto Mundo,Un Puma


Lucas Barbi


João Dumans


Adrian Rodriguez


Affonso Uchoa is a filmmaker based in Contagem, Brazil. He wrote and directed the feature AFTERNOON WOMAN (2010), shown in Mostra de Tiradentes, Semana dos Realizadores and CineEsquemaNovo. In 2014, he directed THE HIDDEN TIGER. The film has been considered by many critics one of the most important brazilian films of the year, receiving the award for Best Picture in the Mostra de Tiradentes; the film was also awarded in festivals like Semana dos Realizadores, Cachoeira.doc, Olhar de Cinema, Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos and it was internationally exhibited for the first time at the Hamburg Film Festival (Germany, 2015).


Switzerland, 2019, Visions du Réel, Jury Prize - Most Innovative Film of the International Burning Lights Competition

Visions du Réel, Switzerland 2019 - Jury Prize - Most Innovative Film of the International Burning Lights Competition

Portugal, 2019, IndieLisboa, Silvestre Award for Best Short Film

IndieLisboa, Portugal 2019 - Silvestre Award for Best Short Film

Spain, 2019, FilMadrid,

FilMadrid, Spain 2019 -


Camila Bahia