Reminiscence of a Journey to Lithuania

United KingdomGermany, 1972, 88 min, Colour

Jonas Mekas’ “Reminiscences” is an elegiac diary film of a trip that he took back to his birthplace of Semeniškiai, Lithuania. A film diary divided into three episodes. The first part reflects Jonas Mekas of his time as emigrant in 50th century New York, after leaving the home country of Lithuania. The second part depicts his first trip back, while the last is filmed during a stay in Vienna shortly afterwards.



Jonas Mekas


Jonas MekasAdolfas Mekas


Jonas Mekas


Jonas Mekas, born December 24, 1922, Semeniskiai, Birzai, Lithuania, is a director, cinematographer, editor, writer, actor, poet, artist and publicist. More than 60 years of tireless work in film, arts and media has earned him the epithet "The Godfather of American Avant-Garde Cinema". In 1944 Jonas Mekas left Lithuania, with his brother Adolfas, because of the war. The both of them were imprisoned in a labor-camp in Elmshorn, Germany. After eight months they escaped to Denmark. By the end of 1949 the Mekas brothers emigrated to the U.S., settling in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.


United States, 2006, National Film Preservation Board, Winner National Film Registry

National Film Preservation Board, United States 2006 - Winner National Film Registry