Legowelt x Privacy | DokuNights

July 16, 2019

The house music icon Legowelt will perform for the first time at DokuNights followed by Berlin’s uncompromising producer, Privacy, on Friday, August 9th.

Danny Wolfers aka LEGOWELT is truly one of a kind. A producer and performer who spans many different scenes with ease and always in his own unique style a world away from the usual hype or trends of any given day…

His vast musical output spans many different worlds – some real, some imagined – and does so in a unique and captivating fashion that keeps listeners enthralled. Since first emerging in the early nineties as a key part of the Dutch West Coast scene and Bunker family, he has become a core member of that crew who takes inspiration from Detroit and Chicago pioneers but also fantasy films and sci-fi culture and is nowadays a modern-day techno pin-up in his own rite.

What’s more, rarely does a year go by when he doesn’t release an essential album. Most frequently producing as Legowelt, his unique style comes to form an unfaltering devotion to hardware, be it old, new or totally knackered. Quite simply the guy is an artist and musical force that cannot be stopped.

PRIVACY by name, privacy by nature: this artist has no need to reveal anything about themselves because their music is more than enough to keep your mind and feet occupied. It’s electro but with subtle differences in the way the corrugated drums make you jack, the way the metallic hits ring in your ears and the way the synths burrow deep into your psyche.

Always uncompromising and authentic, Privacy’s music reveals more with each listen. It works on the dance floor but packs in such detail that closer listening also rewards your attention. It’s the same in the DJ booth when eclectic sets twist and turn through music with meaning and purpose. We might not know much about Privacy, then, but we know that they never fail to entertain in subtly different and enjoyably deceiving ways. And really, what else matters?

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