LABORATORY OF VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Borders: memories, practices, ideals

July 16, 2019

In partnership and organized by the Department of Ethnology in the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies in Albania, DokuFest is glad to be hosting again the Laboratory of Visual Anthropology workshop.

Borders: memories, practices, ideals

Anthropologists have long dealt with the issue of borders as a means to probably overcome them. In very broad terms, borders as physical and mental territories, represent dynamics of division, distinction, prohibition, encounters, and exchanges. Borderlands provide for the researcher a clear example of an area with a specific social, economic, judicial, and political status embedding the very essence of what borders are as historical products of modern states’ power relations.

The borders built by modern states have significantly shaped people’s life. Instead of bridges, the contemporary world is arising fences, walls, and borders. We are witnessing how the principle of security is eroding a number of freedoms through restrictions of citizen’s rights and the enforcement of border controls for “outsiders”. A culture of fear and generalized uncertainty has been imprinted in today’s societies by a post-truth paradigm that is gaining terrain in the contemporary global and national political discourses. The ideal of a borderless world, which shaped the hopes of many after the fall of communism, seems to be nowadays a utopic vision.

The fourth edition of the Laboratory of Visual Anthropology explores how borders affect people’s lives. Four teams of students have visually documented a number of narratives on how borderland communities experience the political border between Albania and Kosovo. These visual encounters will provide the base for discussions on memory, perceptions, practices, and ideals of people towards the boundaries on freedoms that have been historically erected and continue to be sustained by modern states.

Time: 09:30 – 13:00

Dates: 08/09/10 August

Location: Kino Club

Language: English/Albanian


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