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July 17, 2019

As we are embarking to celebrate our 18th edition, 18 films from our various educational programs that are embedded within the DokuLab department will be presented for two consecutive days at our landmark riverbed cinema. Tuesday evening of August the 6th will kick-off with six charming short documentaries produced by the 7th generation of high-school students enrolled in DokuFest’s “Future is Here” Schools and Documentaries. These powerful stories fluctuate through wide-ranging issues. From one side we have a bullying victim that breaks the silence and juxtaposes his classmates to other friends he has met in social networks, while the other story brings the story of four women and the burden of being a girl, in families without boys – full of anxiety, prejudice, and courage.

Our DokuLab Production program brings aspiring filmmakers to an enjoyable environment to acquire a conceptual and critical understanding of film while learning theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking, from established film professionals Blerta Zeqiri, Andrijana Stojković, and Samir Karahoda.
The very same evening we will be presenting films produced through similar educational programs by partner organizations Free Zone from Belgrade and Pravo Ljudski from Sarajevo.

The next day is reserved for our aspiring filmmakers who attended an extensive yearlong filmmaking camp. Two of our young students who attended the early editions of Future is Here training program are now returning with their powerful films. The one that unpacks the memories from a war diary while the other examines the integrity of society in the lyrics of the songs. The complex program was initiated at the last edition of DokuFest and was guided throughout the year by renowned filmmakers Blerta Zeqiri and Karen Winther.

Seven films in total from Film and Factual Media will be presented on Wednesday, August 7 at 20:00 at the riverbed cinema. The charm of the evening will be enriched with the first screening of the collaborative films from our Regional Creative Documentary Film Lab Active.
Conceived as an informal and experiential educational program, the regional Creative Documentary Film Lab ACTive gathered film-makers and creative young people with an interest to explore documentary film. The program provided young filmmakers from the Balkans with the practical resources, technical, creative and strategic skills, and networking opportunities, necessary to enter cinema professionally. Two weeks of an extensive educational program in Skopje and Ulqin were coordinated by Pravo Ljudski from Sarajevo and DokuFest.

“We never doubted in the potential of the youth.” says the head of DokuLab Eroll Bilibani is also working on strengthening of the educational program and traveling cinema, and conclude “the truth is, we are exceptionally proud of these achievements of the young talent that occurred in between two editions of the festival and are looking forward to celebrating the success with our staggering audiences & partners.”

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July 22, 2019

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July 15, 2019