DokuKids 2019

July 15, 2019

We have curated a special program for our DokuKids, featuring films, animation workshops, games and lots of fun for our special ones!

Dates: 3- 9 August, 10-11:30 am
Venue: Kino Lumbardhi
Age: 6-15

We will screen 50 animated films for our beloved ones for seven days in a row, from  03 to 09 August. We have curated a unique film program for our little ones, full of joyful characters and incredibly cheery and funny moments. The program is free of charge for all children from 6 to 15 years old and starts each morning from 10:30-11:00, at Kino Lumbardhi.

Dates: 3- 09 August, 12-14 hrs
Venue: Loyola School
Age: 7-15

An introduction to the world of dance, incorporating imagination and fun with the foundations of dance technique. Participants will also gain a musical appreciation, through a variety of songs and wordplays. They will gain a greater understanding of rhythm, movement quality, space, body awareness, and shape. The last dance performance will be held at ‘Shadërvan’ on August 10, from 18 pm.

Dates: 5- 7 August,
Venue: Loyola School
Age: 9-14

The multi-day animated film course gives the children and young people a first feeling for the medium of frame-by-frame. Through small practical exercises (animated cartoons and cutouts) they should playfully get to know rhythm and movement. In the very first beginning, the children will be introduced with exemplary movies, so they are inspired by the different methods to tell a story. We will analyze different techniques and work with them. So we will use classical cartoons and cut-outs and other haptic materials, like objects and so on. The goal will be to create a little movie from 1- (maybe) 3 minutes with sound.

Dates: 6-8 August, 12:14 hrs
Venue: Loyola School
Age: 7- 15

Acroyoga is a beautiful practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving-kindness of healing arts.

It’s a community practice, which, at its simplest, means that you are working with other people. In this way, we can practice developing trust, connection and openness which can then be taken into the community as a whole. In AcroYoga, the smallest community is 3 people covering the 3 main roles of base, flyer and spotter. The base is essentially the one on the bottom supporting the weight of the flyer. The spotter’s primary role is to ensure the safety of the base and flyer and can act as coach and assistant.

AcroYoga is an exhilarating and open-ended practice. It leads towards hard to achieve asana positions such as scorpion, headstands and handstands. It deepens backbends, lengthens hamstrings and opens hips, as well as an endless array of flying positions that no-one has thought of a name for yet.

AcroYogis are a friendly bunch. They want everyone to win and everyone to be happy. AcroYoga practice is open to everybody, doesn´t matter how old are you, or if u have any sport background. It is not for gymnasts only.

AcroYoga is a beautiful activity also for children and seniors.

Dates: 8 – 9 August
Venue: Loyola School
Age: 09-14

It is very important to know the difference between truths and lies. But, sometimes it’s not so easy… Imagine that Truth and Lie are animated characters. How do they look like? Are they humans, or some strange creatures, shapes or letters?  How do they move and react to each other?

Let’s make a very short animated film about Truth and Lie (and please help Truth to win).

In the workshop we learn the basics of stop motion animation techniques, we draw, animate and discuss. Animation is fun, but also very useful in helping to tell some really important stories!

Registration for all workshops at DokuShop starting from August 1st.


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