July 30, 2019

In order to explore this year’s theme of ‘TRUTH’ in-depth, we have curated a number of panels, masterclasses and discussions that will be taking place throughout the festival.

Panels @ HAMAM

The possibility of publicness: A discussion on institutions, constituency, and citizenship
3 August– 17:00

How do cultural institutions attain and sustain their publicness? In response to the ambiguity about what is public, the panel discussion will revolve around the foundations and the principles through which independent institutions are built, and the modes through which they work and change. In particular, it will invite a discussion on how the relations that emerge with constituents, bring about new definitions of publicness and ownership while demanding responsibility and responsivity from institutions. Taking considerations, practices and experiences from institutions as a starting point, subjects such as legal status, formality and citizenship will be discussed as notions that one cannot simply pass, but rather as social phenomena that produce incredible effects on everyday life.The panel is organized in partnership with Lumbardhi Foundation and Heinrich Böll Foundation.

04 August– 17:00

Is truth a construction rather than discovery in the era of post-truth politics? Developments in the media have contributed to the production and abundance of all kinds of information, further obscuring the border between factual news and propaganda. These developments have thus increased the scale of phenomena such as the dissemination of false and biased, manipulated information, including theories of conspiracy and populist discourses. What is the role of media in this chaos ushered in by digital media technologies? The panel discussion will take place after the screening of the film “What is Democracy” in DokuKino at 14:00.
Sanam Dolatshahi,
Lindita Tahiri,
Anamari Repić
Moderator: Lura Limani

The True Importance of Multilingualism and Language Learning
5 August – 15:00

The screening of the short documentary With Throat in Strawberries directed by: Amanda Fisher, UNMIK Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs followed by a panel discussion organized by British Embassy Pristina, UNMIK and IOM. Synopsis: Many young people from different communities in Kosovo don’t speak each other’s language, separating them from a pre-conflict world that only exists in their grandparents’ memories. But change is coming. Meet those whose lives are changing and those who are changing lives by learning to talk to their neighbor.
Adrijana Hodžić, Minister of Local Government Administration
Ruairi O’Connell, British Ambassador
Mytaher Haskuka, Mayor of Prizren
Slaviša Mladenović, Language Commissioner
Lindita Rugova, Dean of the Faculty of Philology, University of Pristina

5 August – 16:30

The screening of the documentary as well as a panel discussion on justice for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence survivors. “The Prosecutors” is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of three dedicated lawyers who fight to ensure that sexual violence in conflict is not met with impunity. The film was conceived out of a belief that the law is for everyone, especially those who have lived through unimaginable crimes during conflict – whether it be yesterday or twenty years ago. This documentary supports the campaign to end impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict, this human rights abuse that for centuries has affected people of all genders.

TRUTH IS URGENT: Panel discussion on Dealing with the Past
06 August– 17:00

What is the influence of the media on current narratives that strengthen nationalism, increase the hate speech and base everything on stigmatization through stereotyping?  How do we deal with new trends in communication, traditional media, social media, and increasingly state-controlled media?
Valerie Hopkins
Agon Maliqi

Moderator: TBC

07 August– 17:00

Supporting youth with skill-building projects often produces astonishing results. Several initiatives by various Civil Society Organizations through the support of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg focused on youth empowerment. The event will provide a platform for young people to present how small support can enhance education and have a significant impact on their career orientation.

09 August– 17:00

Diaspora has historically played a significant role in the economic, political and social developments of Kosovo and the region. Nevertheless, looking beyond remittances, what is the role of Diaspora? Does Diaspora constitute a template to challenge the politics of the status quo? How do we ignite their power, and require a greater commitment on the part of institutions and improved partnerships with non-governmental organizations in the region, diaspora communities, and businesses abroad. The panel is organized in partnership with GERMIN organization.

INDUSTRY EVENT @ Autostrada Biennale Info Point

Where Are The Films? A Conversation on the Market, The Audience and the Archive
07 August – 17:00

Round table discussion on distribution and film archives

How and why do documentaries disappear after a few years? How are they handled by sales agents/ distributors? What are the options for filmmakers who don’t get festival exposure and distribution – YouTube, Vimeo? How should filmmakers position themselves now that Amazon and Netflix are becoming major players in producing content? How do we find new and older works by documentarians that are not mainstream? What kind of databases and archival resources we can build for documentaries? A frank conversation between filmmakers/artists present at the festival and “gatekeepers” set in a relaxed atmosphere and moderated by Pamela Cohn and Ozge Calafato.


Demystifying Film Selection Process
08 August– 16:30

What does a festival programmer look for in a short film? What is a decisive factor to choose a particular short film? The discussion will try to demystify the festival programming process and give filmmakers an inside look at the people behind the short film programming strategies of festivals as Sundance, Berlinale and Venice
Sudeep Sharma, Sundance Film Festival
Enrico Vannucci, Venice Film Festival
Sarah Schlüssel, Berlinale
Eroll Bilibani, DokuFest


Meet the Festivals
08 August – 18:00

MEET THE FESTIVALS is the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with programmers and directors from some of the world’s leading festivals as Berlinale, Sundance, Venice, Riga, Visions du Réel, as well as regional film festivals as Liburnia, Pravo Ljudski, Slobodna Zona, Beldocs etc.



On Body and Artistic Creation – Master Class with Mania Akbari
7 August – 14:00

Mania will discuss about her films and art works, the body as political through the example also of her own, transformed, body. The female body as situated in the context of political restrictions and even physical alteration in relation to oppression and normatively. Mania Akbari has been looking at the triangular relationship between body, object and memory – the secrets that each may hold about the other, and how these might be unlocked. How might a landscape of memory suddenly appear, uninvited, in an object? And how might the object transformed tell the story of a body?

With New Eyes: VR Filmmaking – Master Class with Deniz Tortum
8 August – 14:00

How can we dwell in this world with new eyes? This lecture will explore ways of representing reality in VR filmmaking: 360 video, 3D capture & modeling. The master class will focus on the VR practice itself, of shooting and building an immersive project (be it through a 360 rig or a Unity project) as well as new methods for constructing meaning through embodiment and the immersive image.

Shooting and directing in documentary – Master Class with Patrick Bresnan
09 August – 14:00

Patrick Bresnan will be teaching a master class on the research methods that he and his partner Ivete Lucas use to develop documentary film projects. The lecture will involve a discussion of their use of the short film medium as a way to build trust and collaborate within a community before initiating a feature film. He will also talk about the importance of still photography in their work, how film funding works in the US and how he and Ivete survive as documentary artists in an unpredictable documentary market place.




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