Diaspora in DokuFest 2019

April 8, 2019

Among this year’s many DokuFest initiatives, we are happy that for the 18th edition we have created a program for our Diaspora. Knowing that many compatriots living mainly in European countries, are in Kosovo during the summer, DokuFest feels the responsibility of creating a program that combines not only film, music, cultural heritage but also the gastronomic experience and tourist potential of Prizren.

Thus, through the Diaspora program, DokuFest will strive to create opportunities for interaction with the community of Albanians living abroad, in order to provide accurate information on the interests of compatriots visiting Prizren during DokuFest, in order to create permanent packages that can be applied to other periods of the year as well. The Diaspora at DokuFest program includes three main packages:

16: 00 Meeting at the booth and group photo
16:30 Visiting cultural heritage monuments
18:30 Traditional lunch and gastronomic stories near Lumbardhi in Marash
20:00 DokuFest Movie Screenings
00:00 DokuNights Concert

Regular price 22 Euro
Price for Diaspora 9 Euro

11: 00 Meeting at the booth and group photo
11:15 Departure for Rahovec
12:30 Visit to Winemaker, wine tasting and cheese
15:00 Return to Prizren
7pm Traditional dinner and gastronomic stories
20:00 Free time or Movie Shows at DokuFest – depending on individual preferences
00:00 DokuNights Concert

Regular price 30 Euro
Price for Diaspora 12 Euro


10:00 Meeting at the stand and group photo
10:15 Transportation to industrial area and bicycle and protective equipment
10:40 Departure for Nashec by bicycle
11:30 Arrival in Nashec, protective gear and kayak
12:00 Departure to the Drin valley with a kayak
13:30 Picnic by the river Drin
15:00 Return to Prizren by bicycle
16:30 Free time
00:00 DokuNights Concert

Regular price 40 Euro
Price for Diaspora 16 Euro

Apply through this link to be part of Diaspora packages.

This program is supported by USAID’s program – Empower Private Sector.

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