June 25, 2019

The colonial residue lingers in the postcolonial era we live in. In the times of social media and virtual reality, we struggle with the politically correct versions of the East, West, North and South. The Global South. Cultural differences, stereotypes, social hierarchies, old habits remain intact while we increasingly refer to globalism and transnationalism. 

Through provocative documentary films, this program explores traces of the colonial gaze in various forms that continue to haunt societies today, wrapped around discourses on race, class, ethnicity and religion, at times subtle, at times outrageous. The program aims to negotiate the notion of our “true nature” as human beings, as citizens, and as members of a community. 

Whose truth are we looking at? Who is pretending, who is being played? Who tricks who, who is trapped and who is empowered? And where do we stand as an audience: whose truth are we compelled to judge? Why does the other’s truth make us uncomfortable?

With their masterful storytelling and clear yet subtle standpoint that leaves room for nuances, the filmmakers in this program urge us to reserve judgment given the complexity of the realities in which the protagonists live in. Murky business, romantic transactions or true love. It’s a judgment call.


DokuPhoto 2019

July 22, 2019

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July 15, 2019