Angry Youth x DokuFest 2019

July 12, 2019

For the sixth installment of the series, Angry Youth x DokuNights 2019 sees an excursion into the fringe outskirts of hardcore club music with Abyss X, Moesha 13 and Goro.

Abyss X became a virtuosa in experimental cross-genre composition by crafting a unique melange of her homeland’s remarkable hymns and sultry folk club pandemonium. Emerging from an uncanny yet extraordinary sound palette, her music also carries inspiration from world music, pop, jazz, techno, noise, and trip-hop. Affiliated with various forward-thinking labels, Abyss X launched her own imprint SHXME in 2017; a not-for-profit initiative aiming to support campaigns with a focus on social change. She is also the founder of her newly conceived festival “Nature Loves Courage” taking place in her motherland, Crete, during the summer.

Moesha 13 who is already an underground icon sings, performs, DJs and produces a unique blend of french rap, hardcore, and an unmistakable sunny southern French touch. Most of her productions draw from reggaeton or dancehall underneath light-filled French vocals drenched in autotune. Moesha 13 has undeniably strong ties to hybrid club culture surfing between gadjicore, Atlanta hip hop, gabber, and even some trash metal when DJ-ing. She also fux with football jerseys, flashy Yamahas, and post-internet aesthetics. She sets a decolonial and feminist stage for a soundscape filled with hybrid individuals who choose where they belong during a performance or a night.

Goro’s unconventional output is the result of his studies of Indian classical music and the relationship between sound and meditation, paired with channeling his own musical background of Bulgaria and exploring its connection to Oriental music. All of this is of course presented within the context of contemporary club music. After releasing his debut EP “Remember Who You Are” in 2017, the Berlin-based producer has been quite active, following up with a series of singles and compilation appearances for various underground labels, which evolved at the beginning of 2018 into self-releasing tracks on a monthly basis, that received even greater recognition than the ones released with labels. This led Goro to playing numerous gigs, from regular sets in Berlin (including clubs like Berghain and Ohm) to touring worldwide. While remaining independent, his music has also gained the support of some longer-established names including WEDIDIT Collective, Scratcha DVA, Ikonika, NAAFI, Kastle, Air Max ‘97, and more.

They’ll be performing on August 4th, at our Andrra Stage!

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July 22, 2019

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July 15, 2019