A Dream Come True

August 2, 2019

Years ago we have been exploring ways to extend the Festival to neighborhoods of Prizren and other towns across Kosovo. Our dream was to find a way of bringing cinema to public spaces in the suburbs, where cultural activities are almost nonexistent. Last year we installed the Solar Panels to our van and started spreading the joy of cinema throughout Kosovo’s most remote areas through our mobile cinema powered by 100% solar energy.

The concept of the Solar Cinema has been first introduced by “Solar World Cinema” an international network of solar-powered mobile cinemas, that strive to increase the access to cinema and to raise awareness and stress the importance of switching to renewable energies. Partnering with “Solar World Cinema” has allowed DokuFest to pioneer the concept in this part of Europe.

So this year we are proudly introducing our new cinema “Kino Mahalla” where our Mobile Solar Cinema will present a part of the program to audiences who will experience the film screenings in the public spaces and public spaces as parks and playgrounds in neighborhoods that will be included as new cinema locations “Kino Mahalla”.

Apart from a rich program especially curated for the youngest, through our DokuKids screenings, in this edition we have included films that address the influence of technology and digital culture questioning the isolation of mankind. We partner with Millennium Foundation Kosovo to bring attention to data, the data sharing and the usage in a responsible manner that inform our daily civic decisions.

It is through our curation that we bring light to a complex process that has brought to what we now know as artificial TRUTH, where experiences with the rest of the world happen through selfish encounters with the unknown. We dwell on gaming culture wanting to know more about this culture, inspecting its roots and effects.

Ortakoll, Bazhdarana and the City Park will be the first neighbors to host us and we promise the experience of a cinema that brings exhilaration, laughter and raise some very important questions that our mahallas and societies are faced with.

The screenings will start at 20.00. Details of the program and venues below:

05.08 – Ortakoll Park
Cats and Dogs
Three Fools
Robot and the Whale
Bashkimi United

06.08  – City Park
Cats and Dogs
Three Fools
Robot and the Whale
Burkina Brandenburg Komplex

07.08  – Park at the White House
Cats and Dogs
Three Fools
Robot and the Whale
Those Who Desire
Toni and Bleri

08.08  – Ortakoll Park
Acid Forest

09.08  – City Park
The Afghanistans

DokuPhoto 2019

July 22, 2019

DokuKids 2019

July 15, 2019