Super 700 to Perform at DokuNights 2016

July 16th, 2016

The dreamy band will be one of the acts gracing the DokuNights stage on August 10 at Andrra stage 

DokuFest is proud to announce one of its acts for this year’s edition of DokuNights – Super 700. The Berlin-based band has a loyal following, with catchy pop-rock tunes combined with jazzy and synthetic acoustics and the enchanting voice of lead singer Ibadet Ramadani. After three albums and an EP and international tours, Super700 will be performing at DokuFest for the first time and after a long break.

Over the years they’ve been represented by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Rob Kirwan (U2, PJ Harvey), and decided to produce their last album independently. With a strong following in Berlin, the band perfectly represents the tunes that serve as ideal accompaniment for long summer days spent relaxing, dancing or singing along to the clever lyrics. The band also has a large following in Kosovo – audiences in Prishtina were able to witness their astounding concert at the Oda Theater in Prishtina in 2009. If that performance was anything to judge by, Super700’s DokuNights performance will be one to remember.

See the video for their song “Life with Grace” below:



The full DokuNights lineup will be announced soon.