Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

Edition 17
3-11 August 2018


Screening Schedule: 08/08, 22:00, Kino Plato | 08/09, 12:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës


Kosovo, 2017, 11 min

Fierza Lake, high mountains on both of its sides and a small boat breaking the silence of this small part of the world.
Some movements can be seen.
From a distance, boat gazes people descending from top of the mountains and patiently waiting the only transport connecting them with the rest of the world, almost unknown to them.

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Leart Rama was born in 1997 in Rahovec, Kosovo. He finished elementary and high school in Rahovec. Currently, he is studying in Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania for Film Directing. Leart has directed several shorts and documentary films that were selected for different film festivals.
Leart Rama
UCK st. n,n
21010 Rahovec, Kosovo
+386 49 436 244
08/08, 22:00, Kino Plato 08/09, 12:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës
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Leart Rama
Leart Rama
Leart Rama
Laured Isufaj

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