03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:Lost for Words

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:Lost for Words

UK, 1980, 25 min

A parody on the urban wasteland film, where a little girl recites Karl Marx, and the last man on earth to read and write is interviewed.

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Painter turned film-maker, writer and performer - 16mm, S8, DV, single and multi-screen films have shown internationally in major film festivals, museums, galleries and touring programmes, most recently 'Lost for Words' with the BFI tour, This Is Now, Film and Video after Punk, 'Hilda Was A Goodlooker' in Weaving Time, Tate Britain and newly digitised versions of '80's twin screen Super 8 films, 'Berlin Meine Augen" and adaptation of 'Blurt' from the original film and video installation with performance in Trapped in Language as part of the Real to Reel, LFMC 50 series at Tate Modern. See also LFMC 50 Years - Notes from the Underground - Is It Persisting ? and Look at this Picture, LFMC 1980 -82 at BFI Southbank NFT3, programmed and presented by Anna Thew with Steve Farrer, including 'Machine Parts and Portraits' from the double screen 16mm reels and Super 8 blow ups to 16mm, 'Broken Pieces for the Co-operative' (1985 -2001). The opening sequence of Broken Pieces became LFMC Demolition in 2004 with a collage of sounds from the London Musicians' Collective, for a Century of Artists Film and Video in Britain at the Tate Britain, 2003-2004.
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Anna Thew

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