03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:Days of Madness

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:Days of Madness / Dani Ludila

Croatia/Slovenia, 2018, 74 min

Days of Madness portrays an incredible odyssey of two mentally diverse and unjustly rejected people who are learning to accept their difference, faced with the blindness of the society that branded them as hopeless, and the health system that made them addicts.

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Damian Nenadić was born in 1979 in Zagreb, where he graduated in Film and TV Cinematography for the Academy of Dramatic Art and Biology from the Faculty of Science. For many years, he worked as a veterinary trainer with monkeys and sea lions at the Zoo, and on animal rescue and preservation projects in Portugal, Spain, France and Croatia. His photographs, exhibited at numerous exhibitions, put special emphasis on the relationship between humans and nature. He is currently working as a freelance photographer, cinematographer and music video director. Before Days of Madness (2018) he made the documentary Artist on Vacation (2015), co-directed by Sandra Bastašić.
Special Mention, Regional Competition - ZagrebDox 2018. Mediterranean FF Split 2018.
Prilaz Gjure Deželića 74
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 5573 860
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Damian Nenadić
Oliver Sertić, Petra Seliškar
Maja Šćukanec, Mladen Bađun, Damian Nenadić, Srđan Kovačević
Sandra Bastašić
Martin Semenčić

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