Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

Edition 17
3-11 August 2018


Screening Schedule: 08/08, 18:00, Lumbardhi | 08/10, 20:00, Dream Cinema


Austria, 2016, 7 min

Albert - Trailer 1 from Felix A. Weisz on Vimeo.

Albert Simansky is living a joyful life with his pregnant girlfriend. He is getting up every morning on time to go to work, doing his job. At home he is passionately caring about the tomato plants in his urban garden. Everything seems to be perfectly normal. But lately work keeps him more and more restless at night... A film about institutional violence and the question of responsibility.

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Felix Weisz (born 1989) studies Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 2013. He is interested in digital animation, illustration, silk-screen printing and woodcut printing.
This Human World IHRFF, Vienna 2016. Wien - One Day Animation Festival 2016. Animateka, Ljubljana 2016. Animafest, Zagreb 2017. Cairo – Animation Forum 2017.
Neubaugasse 45/13
A-1070 Vienna, Austria
08/08, 18:00, Lumbardhi 08/10, 20:00, Dream Cinema
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Felix Weisz
Felix Weisz
Felix Weisz
Elisa Maier
Philipp Feichtinger



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