:Depth Two

Screening Schedule: 08/10, 20:00, Kino Lumbardhi | 08/11, 14:00, DokuKino

:Depth Two / Dubina dva

Serbia/France, 2016, 80 min

1999: While NATO was bombing Yugoslavia, a truck containing 53 dead bodies plunged into the Danube near the border with Romania. No enquiries were carried out. Previously, in Suva Reka, Kosovo: Serbian police herd villagers together. A woman experiences terrible things, bodies disappear into remote mass graves. People as little more than mere matter. Monstrous events, each and every detail organised according to a logistics of cruelty by a state enacting a deadly secret plan aimed at its own population. Dubina dva succeeds in measuring truth. People can kill people, but not memories.

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Ognjen Glavonić born in 1985 in Pančevo, former Yugoslavia, now Republic of Serbia. He studied Film and Television Directing. He is the director and one of the founders of the Pančevo Film Festival. DUBINA DVA is his second feature length documentary.
Berlinale 2016
BelDocs 2016
DocAviv 2016
Open City Documentary Festival 2016 - Grand Jury Award
Ioanna Stais
+30 6937966598
08/10, 20:00, Kino Lumbardhi 08/11, 14:00, DokuKino
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Ognjen Glavonić
Sophie Erbs, Dragana Jovović, Sandra Orlović
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