:9 days – From my window in Aleppo

Screening Schedule: 08/11, 14:00, DokuKino | 08/12, 16:00, Kino Klubi

:9 days – From my window in Aleppo

Netherlands/Syria, 2015, 12 min

Trailer 9 Days - From My Window in Aleppo from Some Shorts on Vimeo.

One morning in August 2012, renowned Syrian photographer Issa Touma saw young men lugging sandbags into his street. It turned out to be the start of the Syrian uprising in the city of Aleppo. Touma grabbed his camera and spent nine days holed up in his apartment, recording what was happening outside. The result? An unprecedented glimpse into a war that has been raging for few years now.

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Floor van der Meulen (1989, Netherlands) was educated at different art academies in Rotterdam and New York City. After graduation she made her first feature documentary film, Storming Paradise, which was broadcast by Al-Jazeera Arabic.
Thomas Vroege (Netherlands, 1988) was educated at the Sint Joost Academy of Arts. His graduation film won a wildcard from The Netherlands Filmfund. He is based in Amsterdam.
IFFR Winterthur 2015
DOK Leipzig 2015
IFF Rotterdam 2016
Clermont-Ferrand 2016
Tampere FF 2016
VIS, Vienna 2016
Go Short, Nijmegen 2016
Hamburg IShFF 2016
Some Shorts
Wouter Jansen
St Annastraat 149
6524 ER Nijmegen
+31 (0)6 22076717
08/11, 14:00, DokuKino 08/12, 16:00, Kino Klubi
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Floor van der Meulen, Thomas Vroege, Issa Touma
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Floor van der Meulen, Thomas Vroege
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