02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII


July 23rd, 2017

DokuFest is very honored to announce collaboration with the Marubi National Museum of Photography in Shkodër, to mark the upcoming edition of our photography strand DokuPhoto.

The Marubi photo collection captures and documents events from the turbulent history of Albania (1856-1959) and contains fascinating photographs of various public events, social rituals, highland upraising covering a historical, sociological, cultural and anthropological as well as artistic point of view.

A selection of photos curated from the museum extensive collection of 500.000 glass negatives, representing three generations of photographers, will be presented through different activities running throughout the festival. Program includes a lecture with the museum director, an open-air street art exhibition, a fanzine workshop and video-mapping exhibition, bringing over a unique view of the fantastic collection for the first time in Prizren.



August 5 & 6
The Marubi National Museum will organize a street art workshop, reactivating the archive in the streets of Prizren, giving it a new life and making it part of the cityscape. First day of workshop includes an interactive theoretical-multimedia lecture on the subculture of street art. Led by artist, Ergin Zaloshnja, workshop participants will re-adapt the images and sticker street art the walls of Prizren on the second day of the workshop, creating an open-air exhibition as a gift to the city.

The workshop is open for art students and art lovers (16-25 years). You can apply to participate HERE

August 7
In a dialogue between the cultural Heritage of the past and the new museum of photography ‘Marubi’, the director of this institution, Luçjan Bedeni, will present the latest projects of a “museum that changes a city” as a continuation of the passionate Marubi photographers legacy, with a variety of programs that bring the history of the first Albanian photo studios closer while sensitizing the youth, those who use photography daily as a tool, on the importance of preserving this heritage and transmitting it to future generations.

August 9
Young participants will learn about the museum collection by exploring the themes of its last two exhibitions; ’Manipulation’ and ‘Long live!’. Guided by artist Blerta Hocia, they will use details, enlarge the images and make collages to express their own vision and create it into a fanzine.
Workshop is open for art students and art lovers (16-25 years) and people who are interested in learning the layout of a photographic material and basics of a simple editorial concept.
You can apply to participate HERE

August 11
The crowning of DokuFest and Marubi collaboration will be a video projection mapping of the museum collection, turning the surface of a Prizren central building into a dynamic photo exhibition.