02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

“The Hollow of the Hand” – Seamus Murphy at DokuPhoto

July 19th, 2016

DokuFest is proud to announce the return of renowned photographer Seamus Murphy to the festival – this time, to launch the DokuPhoto exhibition on August 4th.

Murphy is an illustrious photographer with a career spanning over two decades, having photographed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. His exhibition at DokuPhoto, opening a day before the official start of DokuFest, will stay open for the entirety of the festival and will feature photographs from his publication “The Hollow of the Hand”.

The publication is a collaboration between Murphy and PJ Harvey, and features a collection of poetry and photographs from their trips to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington DC which will be exhibited at this year’s DokuPhoto display.

The DokuFest public will be privy to three videos shot while traveling to these three locales with Harvey, complementing the photographs on display and adding richness to their experiences relayed in “The Hollow of the Hand”.

Three more videos will be shown that night – those directed by Murphy and made for PJ Harvey’s latest album, The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016).


The story of DokuFest, Seamus Murphy and PJ Harvey goes back to our 10th edition, when the two participated in a panel discussion introducing 12 films Murphy had directed for Harvey’s Let England Shake.

“We were asked to attend a screening of the complete 12 Short Films I had made for the Let England Shake album, and to be part of a Q and A afterwards at Dokufest in Prizren. Not something Polly would normally do, yet there was something inevitable about it all and it would get the project started. So we went,” says Murphy of the experience.

“The Hollow of the Hand”, published in October 2015, includes a poem that was inspired by the roads in Prizren that the two walked down during their trip that year, titled “Pity for the Old Road.”

Their visit also led to the video for the song “The Wheel”, also directed by Murphy, being set in Kosovo.

For more information on the video for “The Wheel” read this story on Vice i-D and learn more about the conception of “The Hollow of the Hand” in this piece by The Guardian.

Each year, the open-air DokuPhoto exhibition is launched a day before the official start of DokuFest, showcasing world-class photographers and staying open for the entirety of the festival, for passers-by and festival visitors to enjoy. The exhibition will be opened on August 4th, on “Sheshi i Deshmoreve” in Prizren.