02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII


July 12th, 2017

The live concept of ANDRRA – the collaboration between Kosovo artist Fatime Kosumi with members of the APPARAT Band from Berlin will perform in our dreamy Andrra stage on August 06!

ANDRRA released the video of her latest single “Kalle Llamen” on January 2, and it has quickly topped music charts in both Kosovo and Albania. The song is the first single of her EP “Paline,” which tells the story of Albanian girls that are married off at an early age.

Her debut EP, was produced together with the Berlin-based music producer and composer PC Nackt. The title song & second single, “Paline,” is based on the story of 14- year-old Paline, the protagonist of an old folk song from Ulqin (Montenegro), who is being married off by her family. Throughout the album, ANDRRA uses lyrics taken from the traditional kanagjegj songs, which are sung to young brides by her relatives the night before their wedding.

A singer-songwriter and film producer, ANDRRA was born in Rosenheim, Germany, as the daughter of Kosovar Albanian parents. She left her German hometown in 2001 to move to Kosovo, where she lived until 2010. As Fatime Kosumi, she has been a well-known member of Kosovo’s pop music sphere throughout the decade. Her artistic identity as ANDRRA began after moving back to Berlin in 2011, and as her interest in old Albanian folklore lyrics — and for incorporating them into her own music — began to grow.

Experience a dream within a dream when ANDRRA brings the Andrra stage to life this DokuNights!


Fatime Kosumi – Vocals

PC Nackt – Keys, Electronics
(Apparat, Warren Suicide, The String Theory)

Christoph ‚Mäckie‘ Hamann – Violine, Flute, Electronics
(Apparat, The String Theory)

Martin Possega – Winds
(Apparat, Paul Frick)

Jörg Wähner – Drums
(Apparat, Mr Bugslow)