The Pinhole Camera Workshop


Anyone can build a camera.

This workshop aims to show kids how cameras work and how they have the ability to construct their very own with very basic and everyday materials. The DokuKids aged between 13 + 14 all very enthusiastically took on the challenge of building a pinhole camera.Each child designed everything from the camera box, the pinhole, to the film housing and even the shutter mechanism. Each camera is a totally unique product of the children themselves; a testimony to the passion each child has for photography and at the same time to the wonderful invention of photography.

Image has become an easy and everyday commodity of expression and is often taken for granted; evident in the way photographs are used by youth today. By giving each child the opportunity to make their own camera, each gained a new awareness of image. Once completed and asked to use their cameras, the kids took ownership of the images they made,focusing on composition and subject matter and other aspects of making good photographs, almost instinctively.

The results reveal much of the vulnerability of film photography but also much aboutthe nature of light. Each child made severalphotographs and despite over exposures, light leaks and focal distortions, the film and its reaction with light always manages to surprise you. Providing you with something better than a photograph.

The greatest hope of this workshop is that the kids will continue experimenting with various forms of media to document their world through image.

The DOKUKIDS! Pinhole Photographers

Melissa S.
Anmar G.
Ardora B.
Gresa I.
Dona B.
Vlera V.
Anida Z.
Beltine B.
Rita B.
Halil C.
Velard P.
Aqif P.
Noli F.
Art K.
Bardhi K.
Ariana  S.