Kino Prizreni

Kino Prizreni is part of the wider Kino cabaret movement, which involves making films in a very short amount of time, in a process that requires constant creativity and experimentation. Founded in 1999 by Canadian filmmaker Christian Laurence, the movement now has over sixty cells spread out across four continents.

The concept is simple: you get a group of people together who love film, and come up with a shortlist of projects you want to work on. It’s open to everyone, which means you don’t need a film degree or acting experience to get on board. You share your equipment, time and talent, and over the course of a few frantic days (and sometimes hours) you get a film, produced at virtually no cost.

The whole philosophy is to provide space for creativity. Last edition of Kino Prizreni hosted 22 participants who produced 12 films. A few of the films created in the last edition of Kino Prizreni have reached the festival circuit, however biggest opportunity the Kino movement offers is networking and relationship-building. The point is for these filmmakers to meet each other, to share their experiences. In that way a platform for contacts is created, that sets the ground for further projects

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