:When I Will Be a Dictator

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18.08, 16:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS

When I Will Be a Dictator / Quand je serai dictateur

Belgium, 2013, Colour, 90 min

Is there only one universe? Do we only have one life? And when we die, is it forever? Is there something beyond the infinite? Is there any link between our short lives and this Universe? This project tries to provide answers to these old human questions, elaborating a kind of personal and burlesque cosmology, based on the latest astrophysics discoveries. The originality of this movie will be to write these universal questions on intimate and family footage, in an enthusiastic way, by melting together amateur films and my own super 8 footage.

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Yaël André (1967, Belgium) is a filmmaker and writer. She spent her early childhood in Morocco, subsequently living in Brussels where she studied Philosophy and Scriptwriting. After graduating she moved to Berlin where she worked as a historical researcher on the history of East-German documentary cinema. She has also worked as a film programmer for different institutes. She now works on her films and video installations that have been shown in art museums, prisons and different film festivals.
Rotterdam IFF 2014. Göteborg IFF 2014. IndieLisboa 2014. SCI-FI London 2014. Thessaloniki DFF 2014.

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Yaël André


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Screening Schedule

18.08, 16:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS


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Yaël André


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