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20.08, 22:00, KINO NË LUM


Kosovo, 2014, Color, 35 min

A youth, Rrahim, 15 years old, is the “star” of LIVES. He is from Kosovo’s Ashkali community, a disadvantaged and often discriminated against minority. Rrahim hears in school about life expectancy and realizes that this is different for different people. Rrahim wants to understand why he, his friends, his family will live shorter lives than their neighbors – for the stark reality is that Ashkalis along with Roma and Egyptians in Kosovo live on average at least 10 years shorter lives than the majority community. This becomes Rrahim’s exploration – his effort to understand why. We will follow him as he meets different people to question them, to increase his understanding. We see Rrahim in his family, with his grandfather, school friends, talking with families who have lost a loved one recently, exploring dates on cemetery headstones, talking with kids. We also meet doctors and other health professionals, as well as the Minister of Health of Kosovo. Gradually, Rrahim learns some of the reasons that may account for this health and human rights catastrophe facing the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.

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Arian Mustafa born 20 July 1977, in Prishtina, Kosova. He attended the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts - Movie Directing, and graduated in 2012.During his studies he made several short fiction movies including, "PERDJA" - (Curtain), in 2009; "KONTEJNERI" - (Container), in 2009; "LUHATJA" - (Fluctuation), in 2010; "MUZGU" (Twilight), in 2010 - awarded "Best Movie" in National Competion of "Skena Up", Students International Movie and Theatre Festival, Prishtina 2010; "SHAHU" (Chess), in 2011 - 4 nominees including: Best Film, Best Directing, Best Editing, Best Actor in "9/11 Dedication Festival", Prishtina 2011; "BODRUMI" (The Basement), in 2011- Awarded Best Actor and Best Camera at the SWI-KOS Int. Short Film Festival, Basel; “LEONARDI” (Leonardo), in 2012, Awarded Best Camera and nominated in all categories in Nine Eleven Dedication Festival, national short film festival; and a middle length documentary film “LIVES”, 2013-14. Arian currentlly works as a TV Director, for Public Broadcaster, RTK.

23 Lasgush Poradeci, Prishtina, KOSOVO



Screening Schedule

20.08, 22:00, KINO NË LUM




Arian Mustafa


Balkan Sunflower Kosova


Sami Mustafa


Driton Berisha, Djemajl Mustafa


Faton Mustafa


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