Molly Nilsson and Man Machine / DokuNights 2014


One part woman, one part man. Three parts M, one part N. This is what stardust is made of, and the two main ingredients are coming to cook something very special for all of us. Molly Nilsson and Man Machine come together to make us forget about our everyday lives and to spark dreams full of stars. She is a Berlin based, Swedish born fairy from your favorite tale who has the power of nostalgic pop and deep lyrics. He is the Croatian born definition of cool who defies auditory gravity through his vicious electropop, synthpop, new wave, or however you want to call it.

Molly Nilsson is the reigning queen of the Dark Skies Association, a label she has founded and has been running since 2007. Five of her albums, numerous EP-s and a string of thought provoking videos have been released under this label, with Molly as creator, manager and mastermind. Man Machine, born Goran Uroich, uses only a microphone, his synthesizer and his supernatural abilities to produce timeless melodies and track releases ripe with electric spunk and pop.

Molly has her one woman show. Man Machine has his one man show. When mixed, a magic potion gets produced that has very positive and lasting transformational effects. So come thirsty, because on August 22 Prizren will dream thanks to this very special duo performance taking place in DokuNights as part of this year’s DokuFest.

Full DokuNights line up to be announced soon in our website.