From Kosovo 2.0

Pulp: A film about life, death & supermarkets (2pm @ Doku Kino)

Charting Pulp’s 33 year career through the lens of their last concert in their hometown of Sheffield, the film illuminates not just the band but the spirit of the town that created it.

Whilst adhering to the band documentary cliches of interviews with musicians spliced between gig footage, Pulp… breaks away by intermingling with them spontaneous interviews with the ordinary folk of Sheffield. The result is a charming picture of both Pulp and the town that birthed them.

Waiting for August (6pm @ Kino Klubi)

Part of DokuFest’s Balkan Dox program, Waiting for August follows a 15-year-old Romanian girl as she struggles to fill her absent mother’s shoes.

The internet’s own boy: The story of Aaron Swartz (8pm @ Doku Kino)

Representing an intersection of DokuFest and DokuTech, The Internet’s Own Boy is a portrait of programming prodigy Aaron Swartz, whose curiosity about the internet’s harder-to-reach corners saw him hauled in front of a federal court.

Shortly after, Swartz committed suicide while facing what his prosecutors claimed could be 35 years in prison.