KOSOVO 2.0 @ DokuFest – Saturday’s blockbusters


From Kosovo 2.0

Brenda Ka Drite (12pm @ Kino Klubi)

Brenda Ka Drite tells the story of Petrit Halilaj, starting with the discovery of his ability to draw with both hands simultaneously during his time as a refugee in Kukes and following him 14 years later as he prepares Kosovo’s contribution to the 2013 Venice Art Biennial. Read more about Halilaj here.

E-Team (2pm @ Shtepia e Kultures)

The E-Team, or Emergencies Team, is Human Rights Watch’s elite team of human rights abuses investigators. This film follows the team as they work, providing a fly-on-the-wall view of what it’s like to do this gruelling work. Much of the camera work in the film was provided by photojournalist James Foley, tragically murdered earlier this week. It was his last film.

Here Be Dragons (6pm @ Shtepia e Kultures)

Directed by film fanatic Mark Cousins, Here Be Dragons is an exploration of Albania’s cultural and political landscape. Throughout the film Cousins is obviously thrilled to be discovering Albania whilst displaying an awareness of the effect the country’s recent history has on its present.