Highlights day 2!


It’s the day after the opening and everybody is still on kind of on a high from the very successful opening ceremony! As an outsider, it was powerful to see Veton Nurkollari and all the volunteers sending a very clear message. ”Change! (but not some things)”. Right now Prizren is filling up with international guests and in all the cafes around the square you can overhear conversations about filmmaking and life. Dokufest is for sure a place to make new friends.

 Here is my top 3, 2 films and some drunken singing.

See no Evil
This is the film that probably suffered most from the technical problems but the audience stayed to the end despite several breaks. And I’m glad they did. “See no Evil” is such a unique film and the director manage to take the audience trough an emotional journey told from the point of view of 3 famous apes. Divided in to 3 chapters and one epilogue, this is a film that takes it’s time, and lets the silence speak. Even though people are put in the background the film speaks volumes about humankind and leaves you heartbroken in the end. Don’t miss the second screening!

Pulp a film about life, death and supermarkets

An other one of those music docs you shouldn’t miss. Compared to the Nick Cave film I wrote about yesterday this film is a bit more conventional but told with a lot of love and humor. The film basically consists of Jarvis Cocker performing as Jarvis Cocker and a lot of common people performing as themselves. You will fall in love with them all. On top of that is the great soundtrack that’ll make you dance out from the cinema. Will screen again tomorrow at 2 pm.

Dokufest would not be Dokufest without those unexpected events happening outside the cinema. Yesterday it was drunken singing with a bunch of folklore musicians in a very small bar. Definitely one of the highlights of the day!