Everyday Rebellion


From Kosovo 2.0

Almost two hours long, Everyday Rebellion was directed by brothers Arman and Arash Riahi.

The movie is running under the category Human Rights Dox and follows the everyday concerns of people around the world. Despite coming from different parts of the world, but they all have something in common, they’re against the system and are determined to make their voice be heard through street protest.

The film’s aim is to prove that violent protests are not always the best course of action, rather, creative ways of expressing revolt and non-violent protest are a powerful weapon to make a difference in the world.

The movie provides an overview of some of the most spectacular protests that have happened in the recent years, telling history of activism and documenting activist groups which are determined to reach their goal, no matter how hard the circumstances are.

The focus is on three protests: “Occupy Wall Street” in New York; the commitment of an entire neighbourhood in Madrid to help a fellow citizen in trouble with the bank; and feminist protest group “Femen”, specifically the activity of Inna Shevchenkor, who because of her participation in the protests first gets fired from her job, and eventually forced to leave the country.

Everyday Rebellion has also got a chilling narration, which alternates between statements of facts and a call to its audience not to allow their future to be violated.

If you want to see more, make sure to not miss the movie which is set to open the festival, screening at 8pm tonight (Saturday, August 16th) at the cinema Lumbardhi-Kino Bahce. For those who are unable to watch tonight’s screening, there will be a second one at the same time on August 23rd.