Doku:Tech – Friday


From Kosovo 2.0

The last day of Doku:Tech features a rich program, running under the “Content” theme.

At Andrra, starting from 4pm, you will have the chance to be part of “AFK – Away from the Keyboard” discussion.

After that, at 5pm, Andrej Petrovski will give the talk “Cyber Forensics for Beginners.” You will have the chance to learn more about how to protect from internet threats and how to avoid being at “risk of being a target of parties with malicious intentions.”

Next will follow the panel “Watchdogs: Technological and legal frame for investigative reporting in the 21st century,” starting from 6pm.

It will be continued at 7pm by a talk from Bilal Ghalib, titled “Open Source Art, Kindness and Terrorism.” People always undervalue kindness, especially in violent times, when everyone just gets more violent. From this talk you can learn how more about the Awareness project of using violence in productive ways, by finding ways to use, “local acts of violence to inspire global acts of kindness.”

Lastly, the Doku:Tech talks will be closed by Faith Bosworth, a tech-friendly activist. Starting at 8pm, Bosworth will give a talk on “Playing Google.”

As usual, Doku:Tech will be enriched with workshops. Today there will be two workshops held.

At 5pm Olivia Solis Villaverde and Vladan Joler will guide the “Where is my e-mail?” workshop. Each of us makes dozens of phone calls and exchange several e-mails a day. What really happens to them when they travel along the cables? The workshop will treat issues such as “who can have access to your communication and how you can protect yourself.”

Lastly, at 7pm there will be “How to set up a whistleblowing platform?” led by Pedro Noel and Michele Orru. From discussions of “how operators and whistleblowers can safeguard their own initiatives” to “the software management process, media tactics and editorial policies on publishing sensitive or censored information” you will learn all you need to get started on a whistleblowing initiative.