Dealing with the past @ Hammam Museum

    dealing with the past

Dealing with the past, this year’s first panel discussion brought three renowned figures in the area of political activism to Prizren to discuss on Kosovo’s past and the prospects that linger for the coming years.

Veton Surroi, Kosovar publicist and diplomat; Nataša Kandić, Serbian human rights activist and the founder and ex-executive director of the Humanitarian Law Center; and Žarko Puhovski, Croatian political analyst and former president of Croatian Helsinki Committee, deliberated at great lengths on various issues related to the past.

The discussion, moderated by Adriatik Kelmendi, started with comparisons between Montenegro and Kosovo and the discrepancy between the percentage of Serb ethnics and the disproportionate influence of said group in the two countries. Parallels were established between Kosovo and Serbia and other regions with similar struggles such as Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed region in Azerbaijan, and cause of dissent between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The discussion took place at the Hammam Museum to a full audience.