The Human Cargo

    Italian documentary ‘La Nave Dolce’ (English title: The Human Cargo) revisits the extraordinary story of a ship that arrived at a port in Albania loaded with sugar on August 8th 1991, and left with 20,000 would-be Albanian emigrants who were determined to start their lives anew in Italy. Luckily for us, almost every step of the journey was caught on film: from the Albanian port where the ship was hijacked by a highly energetic mass of people, to the city stadium in the Italian port city of Bari where the Italian authorities imprisoned the hopeful migrants for days before deporting most of them. The filmmakers present this archival footage in combination with interviews of some of the passengers who boarded that “sweet ship” in 1991 as well as some Italian officials that intercepted them, in a creative retelling of this incredible, oft-overlooked piece of history.

    Viewers will find that this film bears tremendous relevance to issues relating to migration in Europe today, especially as it applies to people from the Balkans.

    Dokufest is screening The Human Cargo, one of the films in the ‘Balkan Dox’ category, tonight, Friday, August 17th at Kino Lum at 10:00 pm.

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