Bigger Stronger Faster: Sports on Film

There’s a speed sensor in town. It said 50 km/h, even though it was uphill. It was flashing because I was speeding. It felt faster than 50 km/h, but that couldn’t be. I looked at my speedometer, and it said 60. I’d been doing 60 km/h for a long time, and I just kept going. Apparently, going 60 wasn’t a problem for me. –Danish bike racer, Rasmus Quaade, from Moon Rider

DokuFest presents a selection of films on sports and the unstoppable competitive spirit some human beings possess. From the story about half-pipe extreme snowboarding to the story about legendary F1 driver or the one about long-distance bike racing, weightlifting – or, holding the highest score on record for the video game known as Donkey Kong, these films will make you see sport and desire to win in a completely different way.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Sports on Film curated by associate programmer Pamela Cohn.